If you’re exhausted trying to piece everything together and are looking for sustainable results, real accountability, and guidance from someone who’s been there, six month coaching is for you.

Trying to piece together wellness on your own is like drinking from a fire hose.

No more frantically looking for that workout you saw a week ago on Instagram, researching what your symptoms might mean on Google, or trying to decide what to eliminate from your diet now.

Spend your time and energy getting yourself on the road to wellness, not looking around for the map.

This program includes everything you need in one convenient place. On our journey together we cover in-depth gut health, fitness, habits, meals, detoxing, and more.


Wellness Coaching

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2 GI-MAP™ Tests

$1,000 value

An initial test when we start working together and one re-test once your initial protocol is complete.

learn more about the gi- map
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1 Food Sensitivity Test

$249 value

This test will identify foods that may be causing you discomfort or other symptoms.  This will allow us to customize your diet even further.

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Test Review & Interpretation + Protocol Development

$850 value

I will review and interpret both  tests, and create a protocol for you  based on your results.

✓  Weekly check in and accountability
✓  Bi-Monthly zoom meetings
Unlimited text access
Weekly meal plans/nutritional guidance
Guidance with detoxifying your life and home
5 Day Gut Reset Guide $47 value
Routine building guidance
Welcome Gifts ($50 value)
    Personal journal
    Essential oils
Guided movement schedule including workout videos you can do at home
20% off high quality supplements from DSS.

Wellness Coaching


* ONLY 30% ($1,499) due upon purchase

Nutritional Coaching

Overwhelmed with all of the food choices out there?

What’s healthy and what’s harmful? What we eat on a daily basis is quite possibly the most important decision for our health that we make each day.  I want to help you develop an eating plan that works for you and your family and elevates your wellness. At the end of our time together, you will have developed some healthy eating habits, feel confident in the kitchen, know how to develop your own weekly meal plan with ease. Have more time and energy.


Nutritional Coaching


(293$ per month)
Weekly customized meal plan
Learn to effectively read nutrition labels
5 Day Gut Reset Guide
Access to me for questions
Review of your weekly intake with recommendations on nutrition and macros
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Before meeting Julie, I thought old fashioned meal planning was a luxury for someone with lots of time on their hands. Julie taught me that family meals can be thoughtfully planned out for the week in 30 min. Meal planning lowers the meal time anxiety, lowers the grocery bill, raises nutrition and quality of life. My busy family loves having a flexible plan. I have an answer to “what’s for dinner?”, that we all feel good about. Just meeting Julie will improve your daily living!

Sandra M.
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I have truly learned my most handy, healthy tips in the kitchen from Julie! In the past 3 1/2 years it’s been amazing to not actually be intimidated in the kitchen when it comes to cooking healthy. Let’s face it when you’ve used certain products and only know one way it’s very difficult to change. Julie has made that process so easy from suggesting quick and easy meals that don’t require you to be in the kitchen for hours on end, to brand name suggestions. It’s truly easy to follow someone rather than pay for expensive items that you are not sure if you or your family will like- just have that reassurance. Bonus is she’s very straight on taste and if it’s not there she lets you know. She’s a true gem in the kitchen!

Beth W.
Christa K testimonial image
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With our busy, hectic lifestyle eating healthy is a real challenge for my family. Julie's shopping and kitchen tips are simple to follow. She gives refreshing,  practical advice that has helped me make healthier choices for my family. Best of all what she offers isn't complicated and has helped me feel more in control of not only my health but my family's as well!

Christa K.
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Julie has been such an inspiration to me in the kitchen! She helps me keep my family and I eating healthy each week with her tips and tricks on meal planning, cooking technique, and yummy recipes. Her ideas are super helpful and easy!

Brittany A.
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Been working with Julie for a month & I can say that this has been the best thing I’ve done for myself. She has a passion for health & nutrition; & it shows in the ways she treats, encourages & educates everyone. She goes above & beyond in so many ways. Truly well-suited to her chosen field, & she’s also ALWAYS there to answer any questions & stay in touch with me despite the time difference. I’m truly looking forward to healing with her!

Miriam S.