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For years, I thought I had to hit the gym, treadmill, bike every day and push myself to the point of exhaustion. All to result in back pain and burnout. I wasn’t achieving my goals, I was stressing my body beyond its capacity. Over the years I began to discover what type of exercise my body responds best to and that I enjoy. I began seeing results and today I am in better shape than I ever have been. Of course healing my gut and eating nutrient rich foods are big part of that. But, along the way I discovered Barre Fitness and fell in love!

Barre Fitness

A workout that creates lean long muscle lines, is no impact on your joints, doesn't require shoes, and can be done from anywhere…….sign me up! I became a certified Barre instructor so that I could share this love with others! Here are a few workouts for you to try. I hope you fall in love too!

Personalized workouts with 6-month coaching

When you invest in 6 month coaching with me, you will gain access to new personalized workouts and a movement schedule that fits your lifestyle.

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Hydroflask Water Bottle

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Vital Proteins Pre-Workout

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Bone Broth Protein-Salted Caramel

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Bone Broth Protein-Chocolate

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