The Parasite: Blastocystis hominis

The Parasite: Blastocystis hominis

Parasites! Disgusting, right?  But, actually much more common than you think!  There are lots of different parasites but today I wanted to highlight Blastocystis hominis (aka Blasto) because it was one of the parasites I had on my first GI MAP.

Here are a few facts for you:

  • It comes from contaminated food or water
  • It’s often present with H.pylori (I had this too)
  • It’s VERY difficult to eradicate (but, I did it!)
  • It can cause IBS, joint pain and brain fog (yep, had those)

I was a prime target for this pathogen and others because my stomach acid was very low due to the H. Pylori. Stomach acid is one of our first line defenses against pathogens.

I would have never known I had this parasite if it weren’t for the GI MAP test by @dxlabsolutions. I am so grateful that @theorganicsouth introduced me to the test because not only did it change my life and start my path to healing, I now get to help others do the same!!

You don’t have to live with symptoms and be told that there is nothing wrong with you. It’s simply a matter of getting to the root cause which is only possible through proper testing and not guessing! Reach out if you are ready to journey there!

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Written by Julie Davey

With 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry Julie has helped hundreds of overwhelmed people transform their lives by healing their bodies with natural medicine.

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