A Healthy Way to Enjoy Wine

A Healthy Way to Enjoy Wine

Who loves wine?  I used to enjoy a glass of red wine with dinner every now and then but began to notice I would feel terrible afterwards, especially the healthier my lifestyle became over the years. Eventually, it wasn’t worth it and I stopped drinking wine or any other alcohol for the past 5 or so years at least.

Part of my issue was that my gut was in terrible shape. I had leaky gut and several bacterial and parasitic infections. Fast forward and now that my gut is healed, I wanted to be able to enjoy a glass of wine again. So, I tried and well, still didn’t feel great, mainly headache, nasal congestion, and palpitations were my symptoms so I knew it was most likely the sulfites + histamine. Not to mention, it’s difficult to find organic, clean wine especially when you are going out to dinner.

I tried these wine filters and viola! No more symptoms! I share this because many of you asked what a ‘wine wand’ was when I posted in my stories recently. I get them on Amazon and they are called “TheWand”. Hop over to stories and I’ll share more.  Totally worth the $12 investment!

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Written by Julie Davey

With 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry Julie has helped hundreds of overwhelmed people transform their lives by healing their bodies with natural medicine.

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